Why HMC?

Why HMC is Your Best Call:

At Hornberger Management Company, we understand that selecting the right construction executive search firm can be as important as selecting the right executive. We also understand that some recruiters are simply better than others, and the quality of the recruiter will determine the quality of the candidate pool you choose from. This is why we have worked hard to gather the best at what we do and be the best at what we do, making your selection of the right search firm and the right executive as easy as it can be.

Your needs are clear to us.

Because our construction recruiters come from construction industry backgrounds, we understand your world. You need to educate us only with regard to your open position, not your world. Of course, we're keenly interested to learn how your firm differs from competitors, and to learn about the special opportunities and challenges you face. Here, too, our grasp of context makes us quick studies.

Unlike lower-level routine searches, senior executive search calls for innovative consultative selling and career management expertise. Each construction executive search that we conduct differs in some respect. Unique situations call for unique solutions, and we are the specialists who can respond.

At HMC, our planning and research processes are as thorough as they are focused. We monitor acquisitions and builder growth, bid and job awards, promotions and hirings, construction news and publications... all the windows into who's doing what, and who holds the hot hand. We support our efforts with a library science department and a new, custom-tailored information system developed exclusively for our firm. Unlike generic systems, our system by design asks the right questions and aggregates information specific to your unique needs. Your net benefit is a thorough match and proprietary access to one of the industry's biggest, richest inventories of relevant executive talent.

We may already know your ideal candidates.

Thanks to our many years experience and high degree of specialization, your needs will likely point to executives we've been watching or have already recruited. So we begin our searches with a head start. By contrast, less-specialized firms that spread their efforts over many industries and many position levels cannot offer the same expertise in construction executive search. Recruiting construction project managers or estimators requires a different approach, skill set and credential than recruiting senior construction executives. Representing working executives who are challenging to approach, recruit and manage requires a respected industry reputation and specialized qualifications.

At HMC, we spend every working hour with construction executives, building substantive relationships with the candidates you want. Because building the right executive relationships is what makes us successful, we keep our network of executive contacts current and connected to the right places. We maintain active involvement in construction trade associations and participate as speakers for seminars, conferences and industry events, thereby cultivating the respect of and links with the executive movers and shakers you desire. As career counselors, we provide construction executives relevant survey information, executive studies and tools to help them with their careers. Who we know makes a difference and we take pride in serving as advisors to some of the most sought-after talent in today's construction market.

Your case is in good hands.

We are unique in that our firm works seamlessly together to fulfill your assignment. We limit ourselves to a maximum of two to three searches at any one time to assure you our undivided attention. We are a strategically-organized group of highly-credentialed, senior construction recruiters and researchers. We have no junior associates; we are all doers, not overseers. Our team closely works together, employing our proven and strict search methodology to provide you exceptional service on every assignment. Each of us is qualified to manage the most critical leadership or succession-related searches. You can be certain that only experienced, senior-level professionals are calling on candidates and representing your firm to the industry.

In addition to working smarter than most search firms, we also work harder. We are committed to doing a little more every step of the way. We produce more research, more sourcing and more finalists, sometimes up to two hundred source and candidate contacts. You will see only the best executives available – period.

Finding promising candidates in construction is half the battle. Once found, they must be moved to entertain your offer. We are your ideal proxies in this courtship, and expert closers. With our credentials, track record and career consulting expertise; we earn your candidates’ confidence to represent their interests toward your firm. Our unique skills and qualifications enable us to recruit desirable candidates that hold desirable positions, and effectively manage them throughout the hiring process. Many candidates will only approach a job opportunity through confidential, third party representation of the highest caliber. We can make a strong case with the necessary delicacy. We’re good listeners, and we have the credentials and experience to draw out candidates’ aspirations and link these aspirations to your offer. We have the objectivity and diplomacy to resolve concerns – on both sides – that might scuttle premature, face-to-face talks.

We make your life easier.

You embark on an executive search because your team is in need of a critical, hard-to find leader. The last thing you need is the added burden of finding talent while doing without it.

We can help you gain access to the best candidates – executives who are busy working and not looking. Many are invisible to you, and will not approach your firm without the safety of professional representation. We cast a wider net to increase your chances of finding a superior candidate, while maintaining your anonymity to the degree you desire.

Through the process – and whenever you need it – you benefit from our advice and management consulting services. We offer assistance regarding job descriptions, compensation, interviewing and hiring practices. We can help provide you with detailed investigative reports, third party referencing, personality or assessment testing, relocation assistance, and other specialized services to aid in candidate selection. During negotiations, we foster realistic expectations, clear up misunderstandings, allay job change anxieties, avert counter offers, and assist in reaching an outcome that satisfies you and your candidate.

If you are looking for a quality partner to manage your next critical leadership or succession-related search in construction, Hornberger Management Company is your best call. Let us help you.

“We all know the cost of a bad hire, and that in having a key position vacant. HMC was our solution. ”
– President, Houston, TX