Research & Library Science Department

Research for Hornberger Management Company is conducted by the Executive Research Institute (ERI), a wholly owned division of Hornberger Management Company.

Research is considered one of our top priorities and our greatest investment. ERI’s Library Science professionals are leaders in their field, and effectively monitor construction industry markets throughout the U.S.

Every year since 1993, the Executive Research Institute performs a Construction Executive Retention Survey to determine the top 10 reasons why construction executives leave their job. The survey produces a detailed report with hundreds of construction CEO and executive insights, and a Top 10 listing which is derived from telephone and personal interviews with over one thousand construction executives and CEO’s from general building contractors, heavy contractors, specialty contractors, design builders and construction managers operating within the United States of America. The term “Executives” includes only C-level, top management who report directly to the CEO and/or president. Executives were asked to prioritize the reasons why they would leave and stay with their current employer, and what changes they would like to see made to their employer’s retention practices. CEO’s were asked for their insights on career, recruitment and retention practices. In addition to ranking the Top 10 Reasons Construction Executives Leave Their Job, the survey includes employer strategies and solutions for each reason. The survey also lists hundreds of informative CEO and Executive Insights that are collected from the interviews. This year’s 2003 Construction Executive Retention Survey concludes on December 1, 2003, celebrating 10 years of survey excellence.

To learn more about the Annual Construction Executive Retention Survey, click here.

At ERI, our planning and research processes are as thorough as they are focused. We monitor builder growth, bid and job awards, promotions and hiring, industry publications… all the windows into who’s doing what, and who holds the hot hand. We pride ourselves in maintaining superior networks throughout the construction industry. We support our efforts with a complete library of construction industry reference materials including, a new, custom-tailored information system developed exclusively for our firm. Unlike generic systems, our system asks the right questions and aggregates information specific to your unique needs. Your net benefit is access into one of the industry’s biggest, richest inventories of relevant talent.

ERI treats every Hornberger Management Company client with the understanding that each search assignment is unique and requires a commitment to candidate research that should begin from scratch. Every search assignment is given new and current research; we do not recycle candidate research from previous assignments.

ERI’s extensive research capabilities enable us to penetrate local construction markets in a geographic-specific location, to comprehensively determine who the local competitors are, and who are considered the leaders. We leave no stone unturned. We identify potential candidates so clients can be assured that even though selecting from a short-list of finalists, they have a complete perspective of the available talent. HMC clients are guaranteed that candidates they receive from our research are not just candidates who have been sitting dormant in recruitment files, or candidates who are limited to a construction recruiter’s network of existing contacts.

In addition, Hornberger Management Company is recognized throughout the construction industry for its construction executive research studies, management surveys, executive profile analysis and demographic data which has been used in articles written by the following publications: Wall Street Journal, Engineering News Record, Construction Executive Report, Recruiting Magazine, Recruitment Today, The Fordyce Letter, SMPS Marketer, AGC Constructor Magazine, FMI’s Contractors Management Journal, MCAA Reporter, National Home Builders Association, Construction Strategist, Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation, news,, Mining Record, Contractors Management Journal, Recruiters Network, Gonyea Career Center, Executive Recruiter News, Mining Record, National Home Builders Association, Recruiter’s Network, Recruiter’s Online Network, SMPS Marketer Newsletter, NAHB Commercial Builders Council and Women’s Council, Kennedy Publications’ Directory of Executive Recruiters, Alberta Venture Magazine.

“Needless to say, you begin an executive search like ours feeling a bit reluctant to lay your company bare to outsiders. But your firm soon convinced us that you’re not outsiders; you’re the friends in need our company desperately needed to secure select talent in our competitive market. Thanks to you, we’re growing better, not just bigger. And it’s clear now that your discretion is absolute. Thanks for everything.”

– Atlanta Design-Build Firm