Executive Compensation Consulting

Hornberger Management Company provides construction firms with a variety of executive compensation consulting that will help construction employers incentivize and retain top talent to achieve company short term, and longer term objectives.

Specifically, Hornberger Management Company offers advice regarding Long-Term Incentives; Short Term Incentives & Performance Plans; Executive Stock Option & Equity Plans; Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans; Executive Employment Severance Plans; Executive Retirement Plans and Benefits; Total Executive Compensation and Executive Reward Strategies; Executive Salary Programs; Annual incentives;, Restricted Stock Plans; Performance Shares and Other Forms of Full Value Stock Grants; Deferred Compensation and Capital Accumulation Programs; and Development, Negotiation and Drafting of Executive Employment Contracts.

Before we called you in, we thought we knew the players in our industry pretty well. Boy, were we surprised when you turned up great candidates not just around the country, but in one case, right in our backyard. It reminds me of what we always tell our prospective clients: you just can’t beat a specialist at her own game. My hat is off to you guys. You proved the truth behind my own cliché.
-Tampa General Contractor