Succession Planning

Management Succession Planning

Hornberger Management Company provides construction firms with Management Succession Planning services to help employers make their businesses more people-oriented — and thus more profitable. A good succession plan will help construction employers create just the right environment to attract, advance, and retain construction executives and emerging construction leaders.

Construction Management Succession Planning is an ongoing process of identifying, assessing and developing construction talent to ensure the leadership continuity for all key construction leadership positions in an organization. Construction Management Succession Planning should reflect the way the organization needs to change in order to achieve its strategic goals, and is critical for owners who are looking to attract and retain construction talent, execute an effective exit plan, transferring ownership, wanting to increase the value of their business or depending upon the next generation of leaders to lead the firm.

Construction Management Succession Planning aims to create an ongoing pipeline of construction leaders, ensuring the continuation of an owners firm by building a construction succession culture within the organizations where, at all levels, construction personnel are developing their construction successors. The fact is, retaining talent is rarely about money. Construction Executive Retention is usually about relationships, genuine appreciation and providing an opportunity for growth. Construction Executive Retention involves developing strategies that identify what causes voluntary construction employee separations, and encourages construction employee loyalty.

“Before we called you in, we thought we knew the players in our industry pretty well. Boy, were we surprised when you turned up great candidates not just around the country, but in one case, right in our backyard. It reminds me of what we always tell our prospective clients: you just can’t beat a specialist at her own game. My hat is off to you guys. You proved the truth behind my own cliché.”

– Tampa General Contractor