Our Focus

Construction Executive Jobs Recruiter

We view executive search as a partnership with you. All of our resources are focused on finding the talent you need. Indeed, our resources themselves reflect your needs. Through the years, we have asked you to define your ideal search partner—and worked to become this partner.

“You said, “We need search consultants who know our profession. We don’t have time to educate generalists.”

Our search consultants come to recruitment from construction and engineering backgrounds. They are degreed engineers who have worked for firms like yours. They know your world as only insiders can.

“We need search consultants who know their profession,” you were quick to add. “After all, we need search results.”

Seeking a construction executive or board member demands precise judgments about business operations and people, which requires special kinds of experience and intuition. For example, you may need a strategic visionary or a business expert, a strong hand at restructuring, or a builder of alliances.

Our search consultants are Certified Personnel Consultants (C.P.C), and veterans in executive search. Each has been trained in career counseling and has mastered the delicate art of persuading well-paid, well-treated executives to give up good corporate homes for better ones. The executives we locate become integral to their new companies, reflecting the high mutual satisfaction we strive to attain.

What’s more, our construction recruiters and researchers work seamlessly together as a team on every assignment to offer our client a unified effort with unparalleled search results.

“We want the best candidates available locally and throughout the country,” you stressed. “But we don’t want to slow down the process.”

Our construction research department is recognized as one of the top information providers on construction executives. We produce construction executive studies, surveys and demographics for construction businesses and publishers such as McGraw-Hill’s ENR, AGC’s Construction Magazine, and the Construction Executive Report. Our annual “Construction Executive Retention Survey” is one of the most anticipated publications in the industry, and has achieved worldwide recognition. Having a premier research team gives us a competitive advantage in sourcing talent on a local or national level. Through our many years of experience and high degree of specialization, we have developed the most advanced network and database of construction executives available throughout the USA. In addition, our international affiliates and experience overseas affords you access to exceptional construction talent throughout the world.

“We need a partner we can trust with privileged information.”

As retained management consultants who are members of several industry associations, we respect the confidential and discrete nature of privileged information as a matter of personal honor, professional ethics, and enlightened self-interest. We are accustomed to working with candidates confidentially, while maintaining your anonymity to the degree you require. You can trust us to protect your interests.

“After 20 years employment, we’re still pleased to say that the executive you placed with us was the right choice and continues to benefit us.”
– CEO, New Orleans, La.