What is the most important thing to remember when being interviewed for a construction executive job?

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Toby Smiles

As a construction recruiter, our primary piece of advice for anyone interviewing for a construction executive job (casual or formal, short or long) is to BE PREPARED! Do everything you can to learn about the schedule, people, company and position prior to your meeting. What is the dress code? Is there a published job description? What are the names of the people you will be meeting?

You should prepare a series of questions for those you will be meeting, and prepare for their questions. Research the firm and people to the best of your ability to communicate a clear understanding of their firm and culture.

Always, always consider any interview as critical, and you need to be prepared, or reschedule the meeting.

The second most important thing to remember in any interview is to be personable and likeable!

Remembering these two things (preparation and likeability) are the top reason candidates move to the next level interview.