What is the highest paid job in the construction industry?

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Peter Silas

Construction is the largest employer of any industry worldwide, and there are millions of businesses in construction. The skills are often universal so someone can take his or her construction skills, knowledge and experience anywhere in the world.

The top pay typically goes to those with the highest levels of responsibility for profit and loss of a construction business. It is common knowledge he higher up the corporate ladder one goes, the greater the level of pay and responsibility so typically the CEO is the top dog. When it comes to CEO pay, we find it reflective of the annual revenues for the organization, cash flow, and one's direct involvement in the firm's Profit & Loss (P&L).

CEOs of large construction firms ($500M+) often earn north of $500k salaries, where CEOs of midsized firms often earn north of $300K salaries. Discretionary and merit bonus pay can go as high as one or two times salary. If equity is offered, the stock or stock option gains can be extraordinary (up to 85% of CEO compensation) and is usually the key reason why CEOs earn so much more than even high earners. Another part of a CEO's total compensation involves benefits, which can vary greatly with every firm.