What is considered to be the ideal format for an executive construction resume?

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Billy Devon

As construction recruiters we are often asked, "What is the best resume format for construction executives?"

Our response is always the same, "The one that clearly communicates in under 5 seconds your attributes, skills and accomplishments that best reflect what the construction employer is looking for." This information can be found by obtaining a copy of the position description (found online the company website or posted on job boards or in asking HR or the person scheduled to interview you). If you cannot access a written job description then it is also appropriate to ask the interviewer before or during the interview for what they are looking for in a candidate.

Each resume should be customized for whatever position you are applying for. Pull from your past experiences, responsibilities, credentials and accomplishments those details which are highly relevant and best match the job description so the interviewer will clearly recognize you as a match. Brief highlights are all that is necessary for this resume phase, and the resume should be no longer than 1 page to accomplish this (even for an executive who has had a 45 years work history with multiple degrees and credentials).

Our research at Hornberger Management Company found that on average a construction resume for an executive is reviewed as a "first look" in under 5 seconds by construction Human Resources, Corporate Recruiters and even Hiring Managers. If the resume makes the cut for a "second look" it will likely be read more in depth.

Keep in mind the sole purpose of providing your resume is to obtain an interview, and it should serve as a promotion piece that best accomplishes this purpose. I resume should not serve as your personal or professional biography, and you should not have a single resume for all job applications. Once size does not fit ALL positions, so customize each resume for each unique job opportunity.