Should a construction executive contact an executive recruiter when looking for a new job?

Asked by
Peter Noble

Construction recruiters are paid by construction employers to find specific construction talent for specific construction positions. There are two types of construction recruiters (contingency-fee construction recruiters and retained-fee construction recruiters).

Contingency construction recruiters work on a performance-based fee arrangement with a construction employer. He or she does not get paid unless one of their candidates gets hired by the employer, and their fees are often negotiable. Although contingency recruitment firms will work hard to find candidates for employer job openings, they typically earn their living marketing construction job seekers to employers who are willing to hire their candidates. Although job seekers can get a lot of coverage of the job market utilizing the services of contingency fee recruiters, there is a risk that your resume may be sent to an employer you are not interested in working for, of that your resume will become public at some point.

Retainer-based construction recruiters are typically hired in advance by a construction employer to fill highly confidential or executive level talent. Their assignments are exclusive in nature, and involve extensive candidate research and recruitment commitments that warrant their service.

Both types of construction recruiters can assist you with your job hunt, but in both cases it is important to work with only the most reputable recruiters who have quality relationships with top construction employers.