I haven't interviewed in many years so what is today's interviewing process if applying to a construction executive position?

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Tommy T.

There are many different types of interviews for construction executives, and typically you will experience most of them during an interviewing process for hire. Some are formal, in-person meetings at the company headquarters that involve single or multiple interviewers, while others are informal meetings at a local coffee shop or other casual off-site location. It is also common for the interviewing process to begin with a brief introductory, information-sharing phone or video call to see if there is mutual interest.

The interview process for a construction executive position will depend upon the position, hiring authority and company protocol. If the position is published and managed through human resources it will likely involve an initial online application utilizing the firm's ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software which will collect details about who you are, your background, education, skills, accomplishments and experiences. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted for an initial interview with someone in HR. If the position is private (not made public) it may be managed through human resources or directly with the hiring authority. You may or may not have to go through the ATS application. As you progress through the interview process you will ultimately meet the hiring authority (your future boss) and then whatever owners, executives, board members, colleagues or subordinates deemed necessary for the hire.

The first interview may be casual but remember no interview is truly casual. Your first impression is critical to you moving to the second level meeting so always dress and look your best, and be prepared with answers to tough questions, and questions of your own to ask. If the meeting is over the phone or video, make sure you have a good phone connection (hard line vs cell phone) and will be undisturbed. You don't want your perfect presentation being sabotaged by static or any other disturbance.

The most challenging interview is a Group Interview whether in person or over a video call. Group interviews require you to interact socially and professionally with different personalities, interests, backgrounds and perspectives. It is far more difficult to manage group interviews successfully than a one-on-one interview. If you are in a group interview it is important to address each person in the group individually and directly while being respectful to the other participants. Make an effort to continually look in the eyes of anyone who is asking you a question or anyone you are asking a question to. Try to ask questions to learn about each person's background, personality, and what each is looking for in an ideal candidate so you can provide them appropriate information on your background. Try to make each person feel included and liked, and thank everyone for their time when the meeting is over. It is appropriate to offer your email or cell phone to the group should anyone there want to reach out to you directly to get more information from you.

The final interview will often result in you receiving a job offer given by the hiring authority or someone in human resources.