How much time do I owe my current construction employer when turning in my resignation notice?

Asked by
Manuel Tapas

When a construction executive resigns from his or her current employer, it is typical to provide a two week's notice to give the employer time to adjust to your departure. However don't be surprised if your employer asks for four weeks or more. The higher up the corporate ladder you may be, the longer the notice request may be.

As construction recruiters we recommend you provide a two week's notice which gives you and your employer adequate time to transition. Over the years we have experienced every type of situation occur during a resignation, and no two resignations are ever alike. Regarding your time notice, some employers will take your keys and files, walk with you to your work space for you to grab any person effects, and usher you to the door the moment you give your notice. Others will ask for several months for an adequate transition of your work authority and responsibility.