Where should I go to find the best construction recruiter for job hunting?

There are many good construction recruiters all over the world given the size of the construction industry. The best construction recruiters will be those that are referred to you from your professional network who have worked directly with them.

Keep in mind there are different types of recruiters (retained executive search firms or contingency referral recruiters). Retained executive recruiters specialize in the most senior level positions within construction and require a retainer payment upfront from a construction employer for them to execute a recruiting assignment. Contingency recruiters typically work with midlevel and lower level management positions where no up front fee is paid by an employer. Within the construction industry there are construction recruiters who work on different types of markets within construction (some work with construction trades like electrical contractors, others general contractors, other EPC firms, etc.) and other recruiters who work on specific positions within construction (business development managers, financial managers, field superintendents, estimators, executives only, etc.) .

There are recruitment directories that identify listings of recruitment firms in construction such as the online construction recruiters directory at Construction Executive Online (constructionexecutive.com) Directories: https://www.constructionexecutive.com/constructionemployers/Construction.... Google and other search engines can help you find listings of construction recruiters as well. Construction recruiters are often called a variety of names such as construction executive search firms, construction staffing firms, construction search firms, construction management recruiters, construction recruiting firms or construction head hunters (headhunters).