What is the most effective style and design for a professional construction resume?

We find there is no single best format or style for a construction resume. The key to having a successful resume is to design one that reflects your background most like the employer's job description. Employers have their HR, corporate recruiters and hiring managers reviewing resumes all the time and 90% get eliminated within 5 seconds of review. This means you must capture the construction recruiter's attention in under 5 seconds. How you design your layout and present the information is less important so long as the MOST RELEVANT information about your background appears in the first part of your resume in a easy-to-read format.

If the position you are seeking is that of a construction CFO, then make sure you communicate your CFO skills, experiences, accomplishments clearly in the first half of your resume. If the employer requires a CPA certification or Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance, make sure this is displayed. Your work experience (work history) should be organized in outline form with relevant titles, responsibilities and accomplishments reflected. Do not add any additional responsibilities other than what is required in the job description. It is better to show your matching experience and skills only and use the interview to elaborate on your additional matching experience and skills.

Our advice as construction recruiters is to use only a one page profile or resume designed specifically to match the one position you are applying for.