What is the best tip you can offer on interviewing for a construction executive job?

In our experience we have found there are no tricks to being effective in an interview. Employers look for genuine, transparent and thoughtful answers and questions during the interview so our advice is to focus your energy on being "prepared."

Being prepared involves researching the job description, the people running the firm, and those you will be interviewing with. It involves researching the company by press releases, corporate website, employee comments in social media, etc.. It is import to appear prepared on the interview and having a good understanding of the position, people and firm is critical.

Also you should bring questions for the interviewer to answer, and rehearse answers to typical questions asked of job seekers. You don't want to be caught off guard having to explain examples of your accomplishments and skills. If you claim you have people or client skills you should bring specific examples that demonstrate this fact if you want to appear credible.

You should also make sure you arrive for your meeting on time and look your best. It is always acceptable to overdress but never acceptable to be underdressed. If overdressed you can always remove your jacket but never remove your tie or role up your sleeves in a meeting.