What benefits should I ask for when negotiating a construction job offer?

Construction benefits like construction salaries are typically negotiable. There are company standards for all employees which cannot be changed, but it is common for an employer to compensate a new hire with "other benefits" when they cannot offer a new hire what he or she requires. It's important that you get the benefits programs offered with the construction employer before you seek to change anything. Some things can be changed while others are negotiable. A paid cell phone, paid vacation time off, gas card, toll tickets, expense credit cards, etc. can usually be negotiated above and beyond the standard bonuses. Below is a listing of common benefits you might consider negotiating:

Better Job Title
Vacation term
Relocation expenses and temporary housing
Signing bonus to offset benefit shortcomings and other out of pocket expenses
Improved severance package
Remote Home office furniture and technology
Stock options - real or phantom
Insurances: health, dental, vision, disability, life, etc.
Flexible work schedule
Better office, equipment, and secretarial support
Company car, gas or mileage reimbursement
Child care
Conferences, work memberships, business clubs, subscriptions
Sick leave
Paid holidays
Wellness programs
Wardrobe allowances
Work phone or laptop
Education and training reimbursement (loans & tuition)
More time off: sick day handling, personal days, paid holidays, vacation (how many, when and how?)
Early retirement