Should I agree to a phone interview with a construction employer while driving home?

In today's busy schedules where both construction job seekers and employers have precious little time. It is common to encounter the opportunity to have a phone interview while driving.

As construction recruiters we advise against this. A job interview, any job interview can be a critical event in your career and it should not be subject to interruptions or distractions. Not only is it not safe for your and the others on the road (outlawed in some states), it is impossible to be completely focused and delivering your best A-game. We have actually had a candidate get into a wreck during a phone interview that took place while he was driving home.

Phone interviews or video interviews require your full attention to be clear thinking and to make the very best first impression possible. We cannot over emphasize the importance of performing your very best at every interview. Having the best circumstances for that performance gives you an advantage you cannot afford to dismiss.

If you must conduct a construction interview in your car, make sure to pull over to a safe and quiet location where you will not be distracted.