Does a construction executive need a resume to obtain or attend a job interview?

Although most construction job postings or construction job applications require submission of at least a brief profile or resume, many do not. Construction job seekers can sometime simply fill in the Q&A fields on the application form. However those applications that do require a resume usually permit the uploading of social media profiles. Many social media platforms such as allow job seekers to publish their online profile automatically as a pdf file for submission to employers.

As construction recruiters we suggest you avoid submitting a resume or handing the interviewer a resume at your interview unless they specifically require one from you. Many job seekers are "passive job seekers" without resumes, and some employers will not require one to interview. Keep in mind the purpose of a resume is only to get you an interview so once you have an interview scheduled it is usually not necessary to create one or bring one to the meeting. In addition, good references from a familiar reference source will carry enough weight in the mind of a construction employer so a detailed resume may not required for hire.

However if you must submit a resume after securing an interview, make sure it is a summary or brief outline that focuses specifically on your qualifications for the position you are applying to. The details can be discussed and better managed during your construction interview.